CUMIN had the pleasure to host Pandu Raharja-Liu for a talk on democratising cancer diagnosis with ML this Monday 2 Dec, at the Department of Engineering, Cambridge.

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Pandu Raharja-Liu, Co-Founder and CTO of Panakeia – an exciting healthcare startup based in London – is coming to the Engineering Department to give a talk on democratising cancer diagnosis with ML.

Come along if you’re interested in the technological challenges of using ML in healthcare, or in the entrepeneurial side of running a startup. Panakeia is under 2 years old, founded through Entrepeneur First and has already secured seed funding and is growing into a new office in Shoreditch. They’re working with hospitals in the UK and around the world to revolutionize cancer diagnosis.

Panakeia is hiring for machine learning scientist, machine learning engineer and software engineer positions so if you’d be interested send your CV to


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