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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

CuAI Reading Group

CuAI Reading Group CuAI hosts a weekly reading group every Wednesday 2pm at the North Room, Department of Engineering. No prior reading of the paper is required, just show up to learn more about the paper. All are welcome! For previous papers that were presented, check out our blog. To keep updated on future paper readings, check out our Facebook event page and Facebook page.

Computer Lab ML Reading Club

Computer Lab ML Reading Club The Machine Learning Reading Club meets every every Friday, 3-4pm, in SS28 (Rainbow group corridor, Computer Lab). To keep updated, email Andrei (dai24) or Aliaksei (am2442) to be added to the mailing list, or visit their website!

CamBioML Reading Group The CamBioML Reading Group meets fortnightly to read & discuss ML papers (mostly DL) within the Life Sciences. The next meeting is next Wednesday 5:30-7pm in Biochemistry Sanger Building. Hope to see some of you there! To keep updated on their future readings, you can join the CamBioML Slack workspace.

Other projects

CuAI - Project 1

CuAI - Project 2

CuAI - Project 3

CuAi - Project 4