We were fortunate to host Panakeia’s CTO on 30th November, Pandu Raharja-Liu, who spoke to us about to challenges of precision cancer diagnosis using computer vision in a fascinating talk.

Event poster.


In this lecture, we will discuss the need to better understand cancer in modern diagnosis and treatment and how computer vision is accelerating innovation in the area. Being one of the deadliest diseases known to humanity, cancer has been at the centre of medical research and innovation for the past decades. Most modern cancer treatments are designed to work very well on some populations but not on others, a development commonly referred to as “precision medicine”. This means that understanding cancer better allow for more effective treatment and therefore improve patient survival. So far, the identification of patients suitable for certain treatment relies on costly and time-consuming molecular tests (e.g. genetic sequencing). We present a set of computer vision methods that can provide the same molecular information without having to do the standard molecular tests. This allows patients to quickly receive the treatment by reducing the waiting time for cancer tests from weeks to minutes. The solution has the potential to revolutionise our understanding of how cancer grows, spreads and responds to treatment, potentially allowing us to tackle the disease much more efficiently.