CUMIN hosted a talk by Professor Andrew Blake on Thursday 5 March, entitled “Machines that see: what AI can do, and what it can’t do yet” covering the cutting edge and future of computer vision and scene understanding.

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AI vision works nowadays, in medicine, commerce, security and gaming. But how can we trust the judgement of machines that see? AI vision is being entrusted with critical tasks: from access control by face recognition, to diagnosis of disease from medical scans and hand-eye coordination for surgical and nuclear decommissioning robots, and now taking control of motor vehicles. How sure can we be that the AI will make good visual judgements and decisions?

Professor Andrew Blake is a highly esteemed academic and one of the most influential researchers in Computer Vision. He is currently the Chairman of the Samsung AI Research Centre and is a consultant and Scientific Adviser to FiveAI. He has written several of the seminal books on computer vision, and was formerly Research Director at The Alan Turing Institute, has held the position of Microsoft Distinguished Scientist and Laboratory Director of Microsoft Research Cambridge, England. Andrew trained in mathematics and electrical engineering in Cambridge, and studied for a doctorate in artificial intelligence in Edinburgh. He was an academic for 18 years, latterly at Oxford University, where he was a pioneer in the development of the theory and algorithms underlying much of today’s field of computer vision.


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