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Microsoft Research Talk | Bringing Intelligence to the End User

Jan 4th 2021

Calc Intelligence aims to bring intelligence to end-user programming, and in particular to spreadsheets. The spreadsheet has continually evolved to remain at the forefront of productivity tools and work practices for over forty years. For example, today’s spreadsheets embrace collaboration, serve as databases, are mobile, and encompass AI-powered interaction via natural language. However, the soul of the spreadsheet remains the grid, and its formulas. Indeed, spreadsheets are the world’s most widely-used programming technology – but they also embody apparently-fundamental limitations. We are working on foundational ideas that will take a qualitative step forward, to extend dramatically the reach of what end users can do with spreadsheets. In this talk we will give an overview of Calc Intelligence (focusing on our recent ML publications) and share career experiences from two researchers at different career stages (principal researcher and post-doc researcher).

Five AI Talk | Machines that see: what AI can and can’t d

MARCH 6, 2020

AI vision works nowadays, in medicine, commerce, security and gaming. But how can we trust the judgement of machines that see? AI vision is being entrusted with critical tasks: from access control by face recognition, to diagnosis of disease from medical scans and hand-eye coordination for surgical and nuclear decommissioning robots, and now taking control of motor vehicles. How sure can we be that the AI will make good visual judgements and decisions?

Samsung AI Talk | Generating Realistic Speech-Driven Facial Animation

FEBRUARY 27, 2020

Speech-driven facial animation is the process which uses speech signals to automatically synthesize a talking character. However, the majority of previous works has focused on generating accurate lip movements and has neglected the importance of generating facial expressions. This talk will show how realistic talking heads can be generated using a still image of a person and an audio clip containing speech. The proposed method based on generative adversarial networks can generate videos which have lip movements that are in sync with the audio and natural facial expressions such as blinks and eyebrow movements. Several applications of the proposed approach will be presented. Finally, it will be shown how this method can be used for self-supervised learning and solving the inverse problem, i.e., generating speech from video.

DeepMind Talk | Grounded Language Learning in Virtual Environments

FEBRUARY 21, 2020

Our talk by DeepMind’s Dr. Stephen Clark and Dr. Felix Hill took place on Thursday, 20 Feb at the Department of Engineering. Attached are some photos and details of the talk.

We will be having out next talk by Samsung AI just next week. Follow us on Facebook to stay tuned for more details!

ML in cancer diagnosis: from pipe dream to democratising cancer diagnosis | Pandu Raharja-Liu, CTO, Panakeia

FEBRUARY 21, 2020

Pandu Raharja-Liu, Co-Founder and CTO of Panakeia – an exciting healthcare startup based in London – is coming to the Engineering Department to give a talk on democratising cancer diagnosis with ML.

Come along if you’re interested in the technological challenges of using ML in healthcare, or in the entrepeneurial side of running a startup. Panakeia is under 2 years old, founded through Entrepeneur First and has already secured seed funding and is growing into a new office in Shoreditch. They’re working with hospitals in the UK and around the world to revolutionize cancer diagnosis.

Panakeia is hiring for machine learning scientist, machine learning engineer and software engineer positions so if you’d be interested send your CV to

Conversational AI: Past, Present and Future | Prof Steve Young, Apple Siri

FEBRUARY 21, 2020

CUAI is always looking for good speakers and presenters for our events. There are several opportunities to speak at an CUAI event. A list of some of those opportunities is included below.

All CUAI society members and industry leaders are invited and encouraged to submit education session proposals for the various types of programs around ML & AI CUAI offers throughout the year.

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