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Sebastian Hickman

President - Corpus, PhD, AI for Environmental Risks

Seb is a first year PhD student on the AI for Environmental Risks programme. Having previously carried out research in the Departments of Computer Science and Plant Sciences, his current work is focussed on causal inference to understand the risks and drivers of air pollution.

Ryan Ward

Publicity/ CTO - Madingley, UGAdvDip, Philosophy & Economics

Ryan is studying remotely for an UGAdvDip in Research Theory & Practice, with a focus on Philosophy & Economics. His research focuses on Government Intervention during times of Financial crisis. He lives in Cambodia and works for where he is the Billing & Account, Manager.

Scott Jeen

Junior Treasurer - Jesus, PhD, Reinforcement Learning

Scott is a first year PhD student in RL, and its application to energy efficiency problems. More generally, he’s interested in the role machine intelligence can play in mitigating climate change.

Soham Mandal

Events Officer - Christ’s, PhD, Computer Vision

Soham is a third year PhD student at Christ’s College. He works on computer vision with a focus on geometrical modelling. When not in the lab, he can be found either exploring outdoors or thinking about innovative ways to procrastinate.

Charlie Harris

Events Officer - Sidney Sussex, PhD, AI in Medicine

Charlie is a first year PhD student at the Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine. He had a background in biochemistry and his research focuses on developing novel AI for tasks in structural biology and drug discovery.

David Liu

Chairman - Wolfson, PhD, Computational Neuroscience.

David is a first year PhD student in the Computational Neuroscience group within the Department of Engineering, with a current focus on sparse Gaussian Processes.

Nuzli Karam

AI Ethics and Outreach Officer - Newnham, PhD, Sensor Technology

Nuzli has a background in Aerospace Engineering and has worked as a consultant in the tech industry for over two years. She is currently in the first year of her PhD as part of a 1+3 program in Sensor Technologies. Her project focuses on the electrophysiology of neural populations within brain organoids.

Arthur Conmy

Workshops Officer - Trinity, Undergrad, Maths

Arthur is a third-year maths student at Trinity. He is interested in understanding why machine learning has become so powerful at solving such a vast array of problems. He has carried out research on GANs and found the progression from GANs to WGANs fascinating. Outside work, he enjoys running and fitness.

Soo-Jeong Kim

Projects Officer - Jesus, MPhil, Engineering

Soo is an Engineering MPhil student. Her current work focuses on characterising brain cancer cell motility based on cell culture images, with the aim of providing novel therapeutic insight. More generally, she is interested in the role of AI-guided imaging in advancing precision medicine.

Luke Cullen

Sponsorship Officer - St. Catharine's, PhD, AI for Environmental Risks

Luke is a PhD student working on using graph representations to fill in the UNFCCC greenhouse gas inventory. In his spare time he runs marathons!

Prof. Pietro Cicuta

Senior Treasurer, Professor of Biological Physics Fellow, Corpus Christi College

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