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We hosted our last talk of the term with CSER research associate Cecil Abungu, who spoke to us about the ethical obligations of AI developers in an excellent and thoughtful talk. ABSTRACT Many tools that use machine learning and deep learning are...
We hosted our second workshop of term on OpenAI's GPT-3 and Codex, looking at how these models work, and their possible applications. GPT-3 is a text generator that made headlines a year ago by producing essays and news articles indistinguishable...
We were fortunate to host Panakeia's CTO on 30th November, Pandu Raharja-Liu, who spoke to us about to challenges of precision cancer diagnosis using computer vision in a fascinating talk. ABSTRACT In this lecture, we will discuss the need to better...
In collaboration with Cambridge AI in Medicine, we hosted Daniela Massiceti from Microsoft Research on 22nd November, who discussed the importance of good data for AI. High quality datasets are essential for producing functional machine learning systems, and Dr...

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