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Cambridge University Artificial Intelligence.

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Can you see the future?

Cambridge University Artificial Intelligence (CuAI for short) is a university society that aims to inspire and educate people in the exciting fields of machine learning and AI. With these newly-developing areas already beginning the next technological revolution, CuAI seeks to help more students realise the value of these areas of study.

We run talks from high calibre speakers, providing a platform for technical and ethical experts to discuss their work. CuAI is an independent platform, and we will therefore invite all speakers we believe to be of interest to our members. We also provide a platform for organisations or individuals to offer AI related projects to our members

Our Sponsors

We are delighted to have Invenia Labs (Gold Sponsor) and Microsoft (Silver Sponsor) supporting our mission for 2022.

Invenia is one of the leading labs in the British tech ecosystem, pioneering new machine learning systems for applications in energy, climate change, and resource optimisation. Invenia’s team of more than 50 people has expertise across computer science, mathematics, physics, power systems, and machine learning.

Microsoft Research provides a dynamic environment for research careers with a network of world-class research labs led by globally-recognized research scientists and engineers.

Our Story

We have initiated the society to ensure everyone can learn about Machine Learning and AI, whilst creating a common space for further development and research.

Progress & Impact

We run talks from high calibre speakers, providing a platform for technical and ethical experts to discuss their work.

Reading Groups

We host hosts reading groups where members present can discuss papers on topics in broad categories, such as AI ethics, and machine learning.


Check out the Events page, or join our facebook group for the latest. As we seek to collaborate with industry experts.


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CUAI holds bi-weekly events and reading groups.

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The work of Cambridge University Artificial Intelligence Society (CUAI) is made possible by our generous sponsors, who kindly support our talks, projects and workshops.