Cambridge University Artificial Intelligence (CuAI for short) is a university society that aims to inspire and educate people in the exciting fields of machine learning and AI.

With these newly-developing areas already beginning the next technological revolution, CuAI seeks to help more students realise the value of these areas of study.

We run talks from high calibre speakers, providing a platform for technical and ethical experts to discuss their work. CuAI is an independent platform, and we will therefore invite all speakers we believe to be of interest to our members.

We also provide a platform for organisations or individuals to offer AI related projects to our members.


The work of CuAI is made possible by our generous sponsors, who kindly support our talks, projects and workshops.





Google Talk | Better, faster, stronger: 10 years of computer vision and deep learning

It was a great pleasure to welcome Andreas Steiner from Google to deliver his talk: “Better, faster, stronger: 10 years of computer vision and deep learning” on the 2nd of February. Andreas discussed the history of computer vision, and provided some insight into Google’s latest advances in the field using transformers. TALK ABSTRACT The field …

Microsoft Research Talk | Bringing Intelligence to the End User

We were delighted to welcome Dr Carina Negreanu and Professor Andy Gordon from Microsoft Research to deliver their talk: “Bringing Intelligence to the End User” on 23rd November. Our speakers discussed how AI could revolutionise the way Excel users interact with spreadsheets, the goals of Microsoft’s Calc Intelligence project, and their experiences working for one …